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My name is Jerker Hultén and I am a swedish author, focusing on books for children. So far I have released 4 books in a series called Dragonheart & Shapeshifter which, as it happens, is also the title of the first book. Below you can read a short extract from book one, and a selection of quotes from different critics reviews.

Dragonheart & Shapeshifter, book 1:

Dragonheart & Shapeshifter is the first book in a series of fantasy novels for both boys and girls of the age of 10 an older. The series chronicles the adventures of Vera and Albin, a sister and a brother, in a world called The Northlands. When Vera helps a group of peculiar dragons, she and her brother is drawn into an ongoing struggle between good and evil. A struggle where no one is who or what they first appear to be – not their enemies nor their friends and family. While Vera and Albin discover that they themselves possess extraordinary magical powers, they have to fight alongside the dragons to save the Northlands from evil.

“A dragon suddenly appeared in front of her. It wasn’t like it materialized out of thin air or that it came swooping down from the heavy clouds covering the sky. Instead the dragon came strolling out from its hiding place behind a large rock on the cliff ledge above her. Its scales were bright red, it had its wings tightly wrapped around its body and it looked like it was angry at everything and everyone around it. Had it not been for the fact that it was tiny enough to fit in the palm of her hand Vera would almost certainly be running away as fast as she could instead of standing there staring at it.”


Assassin, book two in the series, was released in November 2014.


Book three, Kings & Queens, was released in august 2015


Book four, Dark sorcerer, was released in august 2016, thus ending the series about Albin, Vera and the Northlands.


Said and written about the books in the Dragonheart & Shapeshifter series:

” I think Dragonheart and Shapeshifter is a mixture of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Ronia the Robber’s daughter and Pirates of the Carribean. Hmm, you might think, how did that turn out? Really great actually, I would have to tell you.”

– Jennie, the blog “Världens bästa bok (The best book in the world).”

” The world Hultén has created is called the Northlands. It is beautifull and alive and the scenery is so picturesque I feel like I am actually there.”  


”The feeling you are left with after having read the book is that the remarkable world, the rich language and all the wonderful characters lingers and shines like the scales of the golden dragon.”

– Jeanette Palm, the blog “Bokhemligheter (Book secrets).”


“What an incredible imagination!”

– Carolina Landin, the blog “Carolina läser (Carolina reads)”.

“Incredibly fun to read and exceptionally good.”

– Ulrika Larsson, book tip on the show Carlsson & Co. on Swedish radio channel P4.

“This [Assasin] is a book I hope is going to be found under a lot of Christmas trees this year. A book you can read over and over again, and every time discover something new. Read it!”


“When I read the prologue, I thought: I want to write this good!5 stars out of 5”

– Author Kim M Kimselius.

” … a both sweet and thrilling piece of fantasy in a convincingly created setting, with lots of memorable characters, of which many are dragons.”

– Fia Idegård, “BTJ (Swedish library service)”.

” … thrilling, cute, and charming and much, much more.”

– Anna Höglund, the blog “Fantastiska berättelser (Amazing stories).”

I would, without a doubt recommend Dragonheart and Shapeshifter to anyone looking for an amazing adventure or just a brand new type of fantasy tale, regardless of the readers age. / … / A real page turner!”

Author Anna Vintersvärd, the blog “Och hon gav sig inte (And she did not surrender).”

” This is amazing fantasy!”

– Mia Hansén, the blog “Kreativa sagor (Creative tales).”

If you want to contact me, the author, please use my e-mail adress: jerker.hulten @